Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I must be doing something right....

Because everything seems to be going wrong.

I don't know were to begin. I haven't the time to give great details so here are the highlights (or lowlights):

The 405 sucks! Even with the carpool lane
Hebrew class is great but five days a week?!?
I played badmidon today for the first time in yonks! It was awesome but I am sore!!!
Our new sermon series is gonna be great! (As long as I get everything done that Pastor Kevin needs)
Mac's rule...PC's drool!! My computer at work is becoming a giant, slow paperweight!
It would be nice to spend time with my wife when she is not asleep.
I went to make copies today and the copier was off (20 min to warm up)
I went to set up the projector for class no power cord
I went to check out a laptop no cord to connect to the projector.
I went to Kinkos to give them my artwork for a banner for church, it was in the wrong format
Made the cover for the Sunday bulletin, had to go back and forth to and from home 4x in one day!!
I have a new class that starts tomorrow and I have to read a book before it starts.

I say again, I must be doing something right, because everything seems to be going wrong.

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