Thursday, November 01, 2007

I'm not dead....

I know it has been forever since I have posted but let me just say I have been super busy, even more so than usual the past month. I don't really have time for a full post here but let me give you some highlights:

School is going well. I have finished one class and have two more to complete this semester. I have just two more to finish in the fall and my course work will be done. I also have to pass my theological examination which is sorta like defending your thesis. I have to travel to Concordia Seminary St. Louis and sit in a room with three professors and they get to ask me anything they want. Pretty daunting and intimidating but I hope to do well.

No new news with the girls adoption. We are still waiting to hear from the court regarding the appeal. Halloween was fun. The girls both had great costumes. My oldest dressed up like her favorite TV character, Dora the Explorer. She had the whole outfit with a backpack and a map. My youngest was a ladybug with wings and antenna. They were a but unsure as we left the house about trick-or-treating. We practiced for a few days about what to do and about four houses in, the had it down. They were so cute. Before we went out we carved some pumpkins and had dinner. I made pizza thinking this would be a great treat but the girls both rejected it totally. The chose to eat green beens, cottage cheese and V-8 juice. What kids choose this as their dinner? My girls have the strangest taste in food. The usual breakfast these days is bran flakes and raisins. Are you kidding me??? How many preschoolers choose bran flakes and raisins? Not to mention they both LOVE V-8. I don't understand and I really can't complain. Jill is gone this week so thanks to some great friends the night was a success (Thanks Ing and Josh!!!!!). This morning my youngest wanted candy for breakfast...thanks a lot Great Pumpkin!

The girls are loving preschool and making friends. My youngest figured out the potty thing pretty fast. The first few weeks of school were dicey but after that she has been great. The girls just took school pictures and they are the cutest.

I have told myself that I will try to post once a week on Tuesdays (my day off) for the rest of the year. We shall see how that goes. Until Tuesday....


laura said...

oh yay! so much to say!

#1) I MISS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY SOOO MUCH!!!!! I wish wish wish i could have been there for the halloween fun..

#2) i must have missed something about the adoption. i thought it was a done deal. maybe i'm a blog behind.

#3) youngest as a lady bug.. PERFECT!!!! i can totally see that.. short-butt lady bug running around!!! oh my gosh, i miss them!

#4) i really miss you guys.. it's just now hitting me that you're not a 30-minute drive away anymore :( sad for me.

so I guess all i really have to say is "I MISS YOU PEOPLE!!!" send my love to the girls! xox

Ingrid said...

Great post, friend. I wouldn't have spent my least favorite holiday with anyone but y'all. I love dora and the little lady bug. :D

Susie said...

I gotta do the number thing too:

1) tuesdys are just getting better and better.
in addition to new free itunes music tuesdays there is new Manuka blog tuesdays to look forward to as well! :)

2)Halloween sounded adorable and fun.

3)I wish I had the eating habbits of your girls.

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