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Tuesday, November 06, 2007


So my new plan of blogging on Tuesdays was almost derailed before it began. Here is the scoop. I had to do a "take home" test today for my Systematic Theology class. So I spent the morning (and into the afternoon) in my office at church finishing it. Therefore my brain thought it was Wednesday. To top it off I have not been feeling very good so I have been on some cold medicine. With that one..two punch my plan was almost thwarted. But alas, here I am typing away on a new post.

My girls have treasure boxes. What is a treasure box you ask? Well for my girls it is a box they put things in that they think are valuable. My wife got my oldest a box a few months back and she has just rediscovered it. In currently contains: superhero cards from a kids meal toy, a key chain flashlight, a princess makeup compact, a plastic wallet, and a few pennies. Last night my youngest wanted her own treasure box so being the creative one that I am got her some tupperware. She thought it was great and now she has a few treasures in it. Last time I looked there was a monkey (from the barrel of monkeys game), and some super hero cards her sister gave her. She also wanted to have some money like her sister. As she was settling down for the night she misplaced her penny and we heard the following words from the back of the house, "Oh man, I need help!! I lost my money for Jesus!!" Ahhhh the joys of youth. She had her treasure and was ready to give it away for her chapel offering (sounds like a sermon illustration to me). She took it to school today (along with the quarter I gave here) and she put it in the offering for chapel. She was just so cute keeping it in her pocket while we went to school and she kept checking to see if it was still there. I was so proud of her as she walked up to her teacher, dug into her jeans and pulled out money and said, "This is for Jesus, OK!" I was beaming, and so was Jesus. Until next week...


  • i love it i love it i love it i love it i love it! short butt! wait.. have i mentioned that i miss you people?

    By Blogger laura, At 8:46 PM  

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