Sunday, March 25, 2007

Two of the most amazing college games of the year and they are not from the NCAA "Big Dance".

Yesterday I switched on the TV to check what time the UCLA game was going to be on and the NCAA Division II final was about half over. Well, I had never heard of Winona State or Barton College but that did not stop me from watching the second half. I found out that Winona State hasn't lost in over a year and are the heavy favorites in the game. The clip starts with about 45 seconds left in regulation. Winona State has the ball and is at the line with a six point lead. I don't want to say more, just enjoy...

Game #2. Concordia University Irvine (my Alma Mater) was involved in a tremendous four overtime game with favored Robert Morris University in the semi-finals of the NAIA national tournament. They made an amazing shot at the end of the first OT to send it to a second, then an amazing shot that sent it to a third OT and then a truely unreal shot to send it to a fourth OT where they pulled ahead for good. Unfortunately the Eagles ran out of gas and lost the next night in the finals. Enjoy the clip.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Adoption Update

There is now an appeal on the girls case. What that means is there will be another hearing and we are in a holding pattern. Of course this brings up all of our fears again. It really sucks!! I don't know what I would do if my girls have to leave home. It would just be devastating. Please pray for us and for the girls legal status once again. I have had a hard time going to sleep the past couple of nights just thinking about it. The social workers have assured us that they believe everything will continue with formal adoption placement after this hearing. They feel there is nothing that will change the courts mind, but you never know. The court has been known to make some goofy decisions in the past and you can never count on the past to predict the future. In any event, we covet your thoughts and prayers and we will keep you posted.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Bethany Lutheran Podcast

Our church has started podcasting our sermons and now I have one up that you can download and listen to. Our Lenten series is titled The Road Less Traveled and a few weeks ago I spoke on the Road of Truth. Not trying to pump myself up but I like podcasts a lot and you can add this podcast to your iTunes and the latest one will download. Or you can just listen on-line. Listen as you walk or in the car. Click here for the link and enjoy. Feel free to listen to my senior pastor Kevin Kritzer's sermons as well. He has taught me a lot and is a great mentor. Enjoy!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The New Me...Thanks Dan Marino

Back in January I said to myself, "Seth, you have got to do something about losing weight!" I have struggled with this for years and to make matters worse I have a bad thyroid that makes losing weight really hard for me, not to mention I like food a lot. I tried the Atkins diet and it worked but made me a bit nuts. I worked out like a madman for a while then gave up when after three months of being at the gym five days a week I lost five pounds! What is a guy to do? Then on ESPN they started running ads for Nutrisystem featuring Dan Marino and a bunch of other athletes who lost weight on the program. I decided to give it a try and it has been a good thing so far. have lost over 30 pounds since January 7th (the day I started). Here are some pictures of me. The first one is from the end of December and the last one I took about 10 min ago. I have a long way to go still but I am feeling better and fitting into some clothes I had put on the shelf hoping to wear them again. (The smiles in the pictures means nothing, I am not less happy, just a point of comparison). I will give you another update later. Have a great week everyone.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Graawn-paa (a.k.a. Grandpa)

My girls crack me up!! The other day I overheard an exchange between them that went something like this:

"Where's Graawn-paa?"

"I non't know!"

" he is!! Hi Grawn-pa, you wanna play wit me?"

"I love you Pa-pa, Muaah
(sound of blowing kisses)"

This went on for a while with each girl taking turns playing with what I thought was a pretend Grandpa. But they kept going for quite a while and I started thinking to myself, what is going on? It sure is nice that they are pretending so nicely. So I go out there and check it out and, yes they were pretending but little did I know they have a toy that they call Grandpa. It is part of a Fisher Price Little people set and you will never guess what character... Give up? Scroll down to see who it is......

Keep Scrolling....

Yep it is good old Noah, and yes that is what my dad looks like (until he shaved his beard after Christmas). My girls look at pictures of my dad and know what he looks like and now they play with him every day. If you ask them who this guy is they both say "Graawn-Pa!!" It is the cutest thing ever. Thanks Dad for being an inspiration to my girls. They love you tons!! Thanks to my friend JT for getting the good picture of Grandpa Noah for this post.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Warning: The following post contains references to bodily functions, continue at your own risk!

So, being the father of two girls under three there is a whole lot of talk around our house about bodily functions. We have regular conversations about poo-poo and pee-pee. There is the occasional talk of tooting as well as snot, wiping, and various other things. It is amazing how much time I have spent in the past two months dealing with or talking about the bowel habits of my children. When the girls moved in, our oldest was already potty trained; we thought we had it made. But little did I know that being potty trained and getting the pee-pee in the potty are two different things. No need for details but I will never understand the plumbing and physiology of females. So why this topic you ask? Well three things. First of all our youngest has started to tell us when she has thrown the deuce in the diapers, which is a nice thing and makes cleanup easier but she also will now ask to go pee-pee on the potty. It is the cutest thing in the world seeing that petite little girl sitting on the john, holding on to me saying "Come out pee-pee, come out", and then grunting like she knows exactly what to do. The other two things both come about because of my adventures with the girls this week. We had to make another trip to see the doctor and things went much better this time. I had so many snacks and games that we could have stayed the night. But when it is two little girls and daddy for hours on end, nature does call. So the other day as I maneuver the stroller into the large handicap stall (thank you ADA) my oldest does her thing (don't get me started on those stupid toilet seats with the gap, I mean why is it there? It just freaks my daughter out and she has to sit sideways and then we hope her "aim" is ok, but I digress). So as we are in the stall I proceed to use the toilet as well. So there I am going #1 and my youngest looks into the potty and says, "Ohhhhh, Bubbles!!" She was so intrigued by the bubbles it was all I could do to hold my aim and keep her hands out of the water. Ahhh, the innocence of youth. On Wednesday I had to take the girls to a DCFS visit and then to a local Lutheran School where I was a judge for the Science Fair. The girls were great and had a good time. We did visit the potty before we left and on our way out of the restroom, my oldest says (as we pass the urinals), "Hey look its daddy potties." What a crack-up. I never thought of if that way before but she is right. Thanks for listening to the pee and poo stories. I could go on but the FCC might ban this site. Have a great week!!

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