Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I have been wanting to post this for a while now...

In the world of the Internet, this is really old but I think it is one of the coolest things I have seen. The band O.K. Go! shot this video for one of their songs and released it only on YouTube.com. It has received over 2 million hits not to mention how many times it has been shared and copied. The video is all one take (not the first take of course), with no edits to it. It was so popular that the band did the routine live on the MTV music awards this year, pretty awesome. Enjoy!!!

One other thing...Jill and I have a meeting with the Department of Children and Family Services Today. We would appreciate your prayers and we will keep you all informed. I will post about Thanksgiving in a day or so, if I have time. Until then....

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Lotsa stuff going on...

Well, where do I begin? First of all school has been kicking my butt. It is not really all the work (although that has been hard as well). It is the drive that is killing me. I don't know how people do it every day. Fighting the traffic on the 405 everyday sucks!! Mind you, I do own a hybrid for a reason and the carpool option is nice but it doesn't always help. My historical theology class has been great but has really stretched me. Going from the beginning of the Christian church to the present in ten weeks is really just a blur. Trying to keep the Gnostics apart from the Antinomians etc. has bee rough. But Hebrew is the killer. Man, I know for sure that I will not be getting an advanced degree in Biblical languages any time soon. Don't miss read this. I am doing fine in the course, but it is soooo hard. My research class is the most I have ever worked for a one unit class. I must have put 40 hours into that thing this semester and I am still not done. But there is light at the end of the tunnel. One more paper to write, two more tests to take, and one more project to do and the semester is over.

Right now I am just happy that tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I have a lot to be thankful for this year. Jill and I are hosting again this year and we couldn't be happier. My sister Dawn and her family will be here. My brother Josh will be here too. Both of Jill's sisters and their families will join us along with some other great friends including Ingrid, Sarah, Brandon, Laura, Josh T. and possibly a few others. Pavo Bob will make is triumphant return as the main course. If you missed last years Thanksgiving post, you know that I brine my bird and here I stand, I can do no other. In my mind it is the only way to go. Nothing makes better turkey than brine time!!

So my camera died this week. So sad!!! I have to find a place to get it fixed next week sometime. I turned it on and it made some awful sounds and gave me an error warning on the screen. I hope I can get it fixed because I just got an underwater housing for it for when I go SCUBA diving next summer. There are also some pretty cool pictures I took that are stuck on the memory card right now.

This past weekend was our District Youth Gathering. It was held in Rancho Mirage near Palm Springs. It was AWESOME!! Great worship band, great speaker, and my pal Ingrid was one of the ones in charge. She did a fantastic job and the event went off without a hitch (that I could see). It was great to be there and experience it. I also ran the College Ministry booth for the weekend. As soon as that was over I went about five miles to Palm Desert for the Lutheran Educators Conference. Jill is on the program committee for that event and she, and all of her teammates did a great job. It was fun and we got some good VIP perks. We stayed in a suite with an awesome view of the golf course and the mountains. Good times. It is always good to see old friends and make new ones.

On the adoption front, not much I can tell you today. I will have more info soon. If you want to read into that be my guest.

That is about all for now. Thanks for still coming back to visit day after day to the same post. You are all more loyal than think I would be. Talk to you all soon.

I promise....

I promise to post later today. It sure has been a while and I got a lot to say but first I have to go to work and then to the store for supplies for turkey day. Be back soon.....

Sunday, November 12, 2006


Yeah I know it's time for a post. Things have just been crazy. I think this is the theme of my life right now. School is good but ohh sooo busy. Hebrew Vocab is killing me. Just when I seem to have a handle on it...bam...20 more words to know. And then for each new word I memorize I think I loose two others. Oh well, I can see a pinhole of light at the end of the tunnel. Just one more month to go in the semester.

Jill and I got a letter in the mail last week that our social worker got a promotion. Good for her, bad for us. Now our file goes to a new social worker who does not know us except on paper. We haven't met her yet and I don't want to judge but I hope it all goes well (says Seth crossing his fingers knowing the working with any Govt. agency never goes well).

For the past year I have been serving on a College Ministry Taskforce for the PSW district of the LCMS. It has been good and I got to design a new sticker for our ministry. It was fun to use my new found skills in graphic design to put out something pretty cool (at least I think it is cool). The true test will be next weekend at the District Youth Gathering when we will pass them out to a bunch of High School Kids. I hope we don't see a bunch of them on the floor because the kids thought they were lame.

Anyway...Jill and I are heading out to the Palm Springs area on Friday. Our friend Ingrid is the "boss" of the DYG and we are supporting her. Then teachers conference starts next Sunday. Jill is on the planning committee for that whole shindig so she has to be there early. It is always a great time getting together with old pals from College or other teaching gigs. It is usually a pretty good party, and there is learning too.

Well I have been up since about 5:30 this morning so I am going to hit the hay. Blog at you all soon...

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Post #101

I just realized that yesterdays post was the big #100. Thanks for journeying with me the past year and a half. Sorry for not updating as often as I would like. So yesterday, Jill and I had a very fun Halloween. We sent out invitations to every house on the block to stop by our house as they are out trick or treating and grab a water, or juice box, meet their neighbors, and kids could bounce in the bounce house. It was awesome. We had quite a few kiddos jumping in all sorts of costumes, from tinkerbell, to Dale Ernhardt Jr. It was a blast. We got to meet many of our neighbors and start some community on our street. We will see where this all goes. We hope to make it a yearly tradition. Enjoy the pic, I forgot to get the camera until later so no kiddos bouncing...sorry!

Yes, it is a super cool Scooby Doo Jumper!!! Thank you Jump for Fun. Check them out and you too can get some super cool jumpers for your next party.

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