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Sunday, November 12, 2006


Yeah I know it's time for a post. Things have just been crazy. I think this is the theme of my life right now. School is good but ohh sooo busy. Hebrew Vocab is killing me. Just when I seem to have a handle on it...bam...20 more words to know. And then for each new word I memorize I think I loose two others. Oh well, I can see a pinhole of light at the end of the tunnel. Just one more month to go in the semester.

Jill and I got a letter in the mail last week that our social worker got a promotion. Good for her, bad for us. Now our file goes to a new social worker who does not know us except on paper. We haven't met her yet and I don't want to judge but I hope it all goes well (says Seth crossing his fingers knowing the working with any Govt. agency never goes well).

For the past year I have been serving on a College Ministry Taskforce for the PSW district of the LCMS. It has been good and I got to design a new sticker for our ministry. It was fun to use my new found skills in graphic design to put out something pretty cool (at least I think it is cool). The true test will be next weekend at the District Youth Gathering when we will pass them out to a bunch of High School Kids. I hope we don't see a bunch of them on the floor because the kids thought they were lame.

Anyway...Jill and I are heading out to the Palm Springs area on Friday. Our friend Ingrid is the "boss" of the DYG and we are supporting her. Then teachers conference starts next Sunday. Jill is on the planning committee for that whole shindig so she has to be there early. It is always a great time getting together with old pals from College or other teaching gigs. It is usually a pretty good party, and there is learning too.

Well I have been up since about 5:30 this morning so I am going to hit the hay. Blog at you all soon...


  • Friend...
    Always an honor to be mentioned in a post! And...even more of an honor to know that you're coming to the DYG to support the district, our kids, youth ministry, and ME!!!!!!!!! Honestly, knowing that you and Jill will be there makes my heart rate slow down...what a joy y'all are to me. :D
    p.s. no spoons at the thanksgiving dinner for you! (said in best soup nazi voice)

    By Blogger Ingrid, At 10:03 PM  

  • when you get a break we should hit a ducks or ice dogs game dude! Miss you guys!

    By Blogger finagler, At 3:34 PM  

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