Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Post #101

I just realized that yesterdays post was the big #100. Thanks for journeying with me the past year and a half. Sorry for not updating as often as I would like. So yesterday, Jill and I had a very fun Halloween. We sent out invitations to every house on the block to stop by our house as they are out trick or treating and grab a water, or juice box, meet their neighbors, and kids could bounce in the bounce house. It was awesome. We had quite a few kiddos jumping in all sorts of costumes, from tinkerbell, to Dale Ernhardt Jr. It was a blast. We got to meet many of our neighbors and start some community on our street. We will see where this all goes. We hope to make it a yearly tradition. Enjoy the pic, I forgot to get the camera until later so no kiddos bouncing...sorry!

Yes, it is a super cool Scooby Doo Jumper!!! Thank you Jump for Fun. Check them out and you too can get some super cool jumpers for your next party.

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Ingrid said...

Oh how I love the bounce house. I also love that Jill and I were cold (God bless So Cal falls, 62 brrr) outside. I also enjoy hearing that Josh didn't feel so hot because KFC + bouncing= upset tummy! Good on ya, mate, for a great idea!

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