Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I must be doing something right....

Because everything seems to be going wrong.

I don't know were to begin. I haven't the time to give great details so here are the highlights (or lowlights):

The 405 sucks! Even with the carpool lane
Hebrew class is great but five days a week?!?
I played badmidon today for the first time in yonks! It was awesome but I am sore!!!
Our new sermon series is gonna be great! (As long as I get everything done that Pastor Kevin needs)
Mac's rule...PC's drool!! My computer at work is becoming a giant, slow paperweight!
It would be nice to spend time with my wife when she is not asleep.
I went to make copies today and the copier was off (20 min to warm up)
I went to set up the projector for class no power cord
I went to check out a laptop no cord to connect to the projector.
I went to Kinkos to give them my artwork for a banner for church, it was in the wrong format
Made the cover for the Sunday bulletin, had to go back and forth to and from home 4x in one day!!
I have a new class that starts tomorrow and I have to read a book before it starts.

I say again, I must be doing something right, because everything seems to be going wrong.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Twelve Hour Turnaround

I woke up this morning not unlike many of the past mornings thinking, "Didn't I just go to sleep???" The nights seem to be rather short these days. I had class until 10 PM last night and now I have to turn around and be on the road by 9 AM. I was joking with my friend David the other day and told him my life is just 12 hour turnaround. He said that was a cool name for a band and now if anybody takes it I have proof that it was my idea. All kidding aside, my schedule sucks this semester. I travel the 28 miles to Concordia University Irvine every day and sometimes twice, depending on responsibilities at Church. I can't tell you how happy I am that I own a Prius. That car has saved us a ton of $$$, not to mention the cool sticker that lets me go solo in the carpool lane. Without that thing it would take me well over 90 min to make the 28 mile commute on the darn 405. As far as my classes go, they are not that bad. I like the pace of my Hebrew class. When I had Greek it was compacted and very intense. This class moves at a much easier pace and is easier to follow and not get behind. My class on church polity has been good and informative, but not a brain stretcher. I start a class on Historical Theology next week. There is a ton of reading for it but it should be fun. I have been looking forward to this class. I started teaching two new classes at church. One is on evangelism and the other is on Christian Mentoring. They are going well so far. I have been "the guy" the past two weeks with Pastor Kevin being in Germany. Thank the Lord there has been no big things. We have had our share of people in the hospital, but God in his mercy has not called any of them home (yet). That is about all right now. My life revolves around school, church, and sleep. If you see a white Toyota zooming down the 405 in the carpool lane, just wave and say a prayer for me. Talk to you all later.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Long Time

So sorry for the lack of blogging! I always have good intentions but the follow through is a tough one for me. I started seminary classes two weeks ago and they are not too hard but hard enough. I am taking a class on Church Polity. What is that you ask? It is how the church (LCMS) is organized and how it does its "business". The class also has a team ministry focus and that should be fun. I am also taking Hebrew. I am convinced that Hebrew came straight from aliens or something. It is wierd. There are hardly any words or letters that have an equivalent in English, Spanish, Greek, or German (the languages I am familar with). I feel like I need some sort of decoder ring to figure this thing out. So far so good. The big bummer of the semester is that my Hebrew class meets five days a week in the morning. For those long time readers of this blog know, that means I have also have night classes two days a week so on Monday and Thursday I just stay in Irvine and do homework or some work for church in the Library. My wallet has taken a hit too with the increased driving to and from school.

Nothing new on the Adoption front. Our social worker has been on vacation for about a month so have been in a holding pattern.

I think I am getting sick. I have felt rather blah all day and now my throat is scratchy. I think I may go home and go to bed. I still have a sermon to write but if I don't go to sleep I may be out of it for a while. Type at you all later.........

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