Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Got a call tonight from the girls attorney and found out that the appeal on their case was heard today and was denied (that is good news for us).  However, one pice of paperwork was out of order and it needs to be taken care of by DCFS before a final adoption hearing can be set.  So this is GREAT NEWS but we will have to wait until after April 17th which is when the judge will check to see if the paperwork as been complete.  After that we can schedule the final hearing!!  Thanks for all of your prayers but please continue to pray for patience as we wait the last few months until things are finished.


Ingrid said...

I write a comment with big tears in my eyes...what a joy to see progress in such a positive way. I've had "court" written on my calendar for a while on this day (i actually wrote it twice, geez i'm a nerd, maybe it was subconsciously one time for each girl) and am THRILLED to read good news as the outcome. Thanks be!

Sarah said...



Ingrid said...

Redo...I tried to comment last night and must have had an operational error! Whoops.

Still overflowing with JOY about this news. God is faithful! And it appears that there is a light shining at the end of this tunnel. Thanks be.

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