Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The Tuesday Tease...

Not much time tonight to write a full post so here is a tease of what is bouncing around my head tonight:

#1- Spent the weekend in Mammoth with the college ministry of the district and witnessed about 5 feet of snow in three days.  I had to dig the van out twice.  Pictures may be coming if I can get them from JT.

#2- School starts next week and I am not quite ready for it to begin.

#3- The other night we forgot to put a sippy cup in the fridge for my youngest and she was found at 3 AM sitting on the floor staring into the open fridge moaning, "Where's my Miiiiiiilk?????"

#4- The Chargers won a playoff game!!!

#5-  My sister is selling Shaklee.  Don't know what that is?  If you want to go green in your house in 2008 check out her site by clicking here. (More to come on this topic, I promise!!)

#6-  I stumbled across some great music the other day.  Do yourself a favor and check out Cary Brothers on iTunes or just pick up his CD titled "Who You Are"  you won't be disappointed.  You might know him from the movie Garden State.  Here is a sample:

Well that is just a tease, more to come later...or next week.  Until then....

1 comment:

Joshua is me. said...

Liked the music... and I totally forgot about him from Garden State - thanks for the brain check.

As for Mammoth pics - feel free to steal them from my MySpace! :-)

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