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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Razor Scooters

Jill and I have been wanting to get the girls some scooters ever since the preschool got some new ones a month back or so and our girls just love them.  Our little daredevils are still in three wheel territory in scooterland but the razor scooters are not to far off.  Now a new razor will set you back at least $30 minimum and can go for much more.  That being said, razors would have to wait for at least the girls birthdays (both in March) or even next Christmas.  But last Saturday my youngest and I were headed to Trader Joe's for some one on one time when I spotted a garage sale.  It was still early in the day (8:30 AM) so I though we should swing by and see if there was still anything good.  As we got out I spotted three well loved razor scooters and a mini skateboard.  I asked for prices and was told $3 for the skateboard and $15 for each of the scooters.  Now I never have cash so this would pose a problem since my wallet had a total of $4 in it.  I called Jill and told her of the find and she said to go back home and pick up some cash.  Back in the car we went to get some cash and then back to the garage sale.  I walked up to the money guy and told him I would give him $20 for all three scooters and the skateboard.  He countered with $25 and I pulled out all my cash and said, "All I got is $24, will you take it?"  He nodded and I gathered up my new found treasures and put them in the back of the minivan.  I was stoked to say the least.  On Sunday the girls tried them out without much luck but their older cousin was pretty good on it.  That evening we had a few people over to watch football and for dinner and we had a blast (Go Chargers!!!!)  Later that night, I realized that we were out of coffee.  This is not an acceptable state of affairs in our house!  Jill promptly dug out some Starbuck's cards and directed me to get some beans.  I asked a few of our guests if anyone wanted to walk to get some coffee.  My pal Ingrid agreed and then we were followed by my brother Josh, and our friends JT and Ben all on the scooters!  It was a hoot.  Three grown men racing around the streets of Long Beach on razor scooters.  You would have laughed if you would have seen them but they did not care, they were loving it.  Well to wrap it up the boys had one final race down Pavo street and we were all safe and sound back home.  It was a great weekend and I can't wait until the girls are able to zip up and down the sidewalk on their scooters.  


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