Friday, October 31, 2008

October 31st

Yeah, Yeah...busy, busy, no other excuse for not posting. I have a few minutes while the girls are napping to give you a quick update and a homage to this day.

Jill has been gone all week in Seattle at a conference so thanks to some good friends, I survived. The girls are really excited to go trick-or-treating tonight. Our oldest has a great butterfly costume but she is rebelling and will most likely go as Tinkerbell. Our youngest was going to be a ladybug but now that her sister is going at Tink, she wants to be Cinderella. We got some pumpkins today and I tried my hand a carving a bat. I think it went pretty well (I used a pattern, I'm not that good). I will post pictures later (maybe). The girls pumpkins are like Mr. Potato Heads. Jill has some cool pieces that make a pirate pumpkin and a princess pumpkin, potato head style. We will do those once the girls wake up.

My time is running out and I still need to do some cleaning up before the girls wake up but I wanted to leave you with a few videos for the other holiday today. Enjoy...

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