Saturday, April 28, 2007

It was warm...part II

Warning: Graphic content, weak stomachs stop reading now, you will thank me!!

If you haven't read the post "It was warm..." Please do so now before you continue. Ok, now that we are all up to speed let us continue. Jill's mom took our girls this morning over to Orange to play with their cousins for the day since Jill had a bridal shower to go to and I had a ton of work to finish. It was a peaceful but quiet day around the house as I did some homework and checked in on the NFL draft every once in a while. When Jill got back we got in the car and headed out to Orange for dinner with the fam. I made some yummy pollo asado and we also picked up some fresh tortillas, rice and beans from the Mexican market down the street. Just as I was dishing out my girls food, my youngest comes stumbling in from outside coughing and coughing. Her eyes are red and watery and the look on her face told the whole story. Those of you who know the other post know what comes next. There she is in the middle of the kitchen and she pukes all over the floor and all over her self. It was some serious projectile vomit! I started cracking up at this point because seeing that little girl heave is quite a site. She empties her tummy and as Jill and I start cleaning her up she looks up at me and says "Daddy, I 'pilled" (translation: I spilled). "Yep, you sure did honey!" For those of you who have spent time with my youngest, you can almost see it and hear it, hands outstretched, palms up, shoulders shrugged, that raspy high pitched voice saying once again, "I 'pilled, on dah floooor". Now I really start laughing. She was right; she sure did spill all over the place. This time I held back, and let the puke hit the floor and didn't catch it. Well we grabbed the Clorox wipes and cleaned it all up just in time to sit down and eat dinner. What a life I lead and I wouldn't change a thing!!!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Culture Clash

Thanks Bill Simmons for pointing me to the following:

Now that is what happens when cultures collide!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I don't get it!

I will never understand the members of Red Sox Nation. What kind of a person throws a piece of pizza at another fan, from the same team? Aye, Aye, Aye!!! It makes me glad I don't work at the stadium anymore and have to deal with those crazy people. Don't know what I am talking about? Watch this:

Even the Red Sox announcers think this is funny. Yes there is comedy here, but it is mostly just sad and pathetic. (btw, I know this makes two posts in a row dealing with pizza, cut me some slack I am on a diet)

Saturday, April 14, 2007

It was warm...

We were at dinner last night at CPK visiting our friend Sarah who is a server there and at the end of our meal I found myself engaged in doing something I would have never dreamed of a few months ago. Let me back up a bit. Our good friend Sarah is a senior at Concordia and she makes her living right now as a server. We like to go and visit her once in a while and last night was the first time we took our girls. Our girls love Sarah and they really enjoyed seeing her. My youngest has been battling a cough this week and she had been coughing a bit most of the day (this is some background info for the upcoming story). My girls did a good job eating and right when the special treats arrived at the table my youngest starts to cough more. She says she doesn't want the ice cream and I think that is strange so I put some on her lips to let her taste it. She is not impressed. I of course want her to enjoy her special treat so I put some more in her mouth against her will. Well she starts coughing even more and then it happens...I should have seen the warning signs but I didn't. It was like a volcano and she proceeds to puke all over herself, all over the high chair, all over the floor and instinctively I start catching said puke in my hands. What was I thinking??!! I was amazed at how much was in her little tummy and then I was amazed that I am trying to catch the warm vomit. Needless to say our special treat time was over. My oldest is across the table asking, "What happened?" And I just say, "Your sister blaaad." I was amazed at how unfazed I was about the whole thing. There was a street pizza under the table and my daughter is sitting there covered in puke with this look on her face that was priceless. She was so bummed that she had to take off her favorite shoes, but they were covered in the remnants of her dinner. About 15 napkins and wet wipes later, and a fresh set of clothes, we left the restaurant to go back home. I guess it is true; you will do almost anything for your kids. Talk to you all later.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

I know, two posts in one day....

I have been wanting to do an upgrade on the layout for a while. I will be fiddeling with this for a bit so please let me know if you see something funky and I will try to fix it. Thanks for reading...

Best Friends

Yesterday in the van my oldest says to me, "Dad, know what?" "What honey?" I say. "Dad, you my best friend!"

My heart just melted. It was the best!!!

Then she said, "Not mommy, but you daddy!" I am glad Jill was not in the car!!!!!

Kids are amazing! Thier way of showing love is awesome. My girls are the best and I love them so much!!!!!

Monday, April 02, 2007

Just a quick one here....

On Friday, we took the girls to Disneyland again. This time we had a bit more time and we went on a couple of rides but we did not venture out of Fantasyland. We saw the princesses again, rode the Casey Jr. Train, went on Story Book land and rode the Carousel. We have found that walking to and from the parking structure is much easier than trying to wait in line and load up two girls and a stroller on the tram so on our way out we walked through Downtown Disney. We passed a kettle corn vendor and Jill just cannot say no to kettle corn. It was the first time the girls had popcorn and they liked it. Which brings me to the real reason for this post. Yesterday while we were sitting at home my oldest comes up to me and says, "Daddy, I wan some pa-porn." "Excuse me??, What did you say?" (this time slowly and deliberately) "Daddyyyy, I wan some paaaa-porn!!" We all just started cracking up and laughing out loud. My oldest then says, "Whaa Happen??", and we all just ask her to say popcorn over and over. We laugh and laugh and she just thinks we are silly. Good times indeed. I got to go. I have two tests today and I am not ready for either. Talk to you soon.

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