Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The New Me...Thanks Dan Marino

Back in January I said to myself, "Seth, you have got to do something about losing weight!" I have struggled with this for years and to make matters worse I have a bad thyroid that makes losing weight really hard for me, not to mention I like food a lot. I tried the Atkins diet and it worked but made me a bit nuts. I worked out like a madman for a while then gave up when after three months of being at the gym five days a week I lost five pounds! What is a guy to do? Then on ESPN they started running ads for Nutrisystem featuring Dan Marino and a bunch of other athletes who lost weight on the program. I decided to give it a try and it has been a good thing so far. have lost over 30 pounds since January 7th (the day I started). Here are some pictures of me. The first one is from the end of December and the last one I took about 10 min ago. I have a long way to go still but I am feeling better and fitting into some clothes I had put on the shelf hoping to wear them again. (The smiles in the pictures means nothing, I am not less happy, just a point of comparison). I will give you another update later. Have a great week everyone.


Ingrid said...

Bravo, amigo. Kudos to your hard work and discipline.

God bless Dan Marino AND the fact that over the course of the 3 pictures there are a lot more pink jackets on the hooks behind you. ;)

Joshua is me. said...

Am I allowed to whistle at you next time I see you walkin' through the halls of our fine working place establishment?


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