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Saturday, February 17, 2007

I own a minivan...

Well the day has come. I am now in the enemy camp. Jill and I finally realized that we needed a bigger car that is easier to put kids in and out of, so we caved and purchased a [gulp] minivan. I have always said that I would never own such a vehicle because it is a slippery slope from minivan ownership to wearing sweats and baseball cap all day looking forward to dropping the kids off a school and get home to watch The View and then settle in for a day of laundry and soap operas. Geeze, I hope General Hospital is a good as I remembered. So, I have never haggled for a car before so I bought a book on how to buy a car. It did me well and I didn't get totally screwed in the deal. I wasn't as strong as I could have been but the guys I was working with were very nice and from what I could tell very genuine. My sales associate, Greg was not your typical sleazy car salesman, he took the time to show me multiple cars and we drove three of them. He spend time with me and did not push me into a vehicle I didn't need. When all was said and done I got the van for $500 above invoice. My experience at Cabe Toyota was great and would recommend anyone go and see Greg Burgin. Tell him I sent you and he will take care of you. Well I have to go move car seats from one car to the van so I guess I will pick my manhood off the floor and get to work. Here is what my new mean van looks like:


  • Oh how I will now look forward to being a priviledged member to ride in this fine minivan-mobile. :-)

    P.S. If it makes your manhood feel any more XY, I really loved driving the minivans at Concordia for events... so much fun to hawl people in for a good time.

    By Blogger Joshua is me., At 6:46 AM  

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