Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Wow...two weeks since my last post!

Hi folks, so sorry for not posting last week but I was at the happiest place on earth with my girls. It was the first real day off I have had in a while so I used it to spend the day twirling in circles, waiting in line, and watching for princesses. I had to work all day today because of some scheduling reasons but I still wanted to post today.

Nothing new on the adoption front. Once again we are waiting for a court date. The next date is June 26th. And once again, we are hopeful that this will be the last one until a finalization hearing. I will keep you posted. We did find out that because things have taken so long, Jill and I have to renew our foster care license. That means that we have to take 18 hours of continuing education in the next few weeks. I have already completed six hours and Jill has done three. We both have to take the entire day off on Thursday to attend a foster and kinship care conference. It will be a long day but they will feed us breakfast and lunch at no cost. We hope to get at least six hours of continuing ed hours each for the day.

One quick thing from from our youngest. Her new phrase is "What in the heck in the world!" She says it when she is excited. We have just had a spell of hot weather here (90 + degrees) and we went to a friends condo to use the pool and when we told the girls, our youngest busts our her new phrase, followed quickly by her big sister who says, "Rock on Dude!" I am not sure where they pick these things up but they sure are funny.

I guess the biggest thing was my graduation a week or so back. Here are some pictures (thanks to my friend Josh for being the photographer).

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Sarah said...

grad pics....SUCH a good look for you!!!!

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