Thursday, January 05, 2006

Get Ready, this is going to be a rant!

OK, I am just a city slicker from socal where the seasons don't change and it never snows, so why do so many people in LA wear those ridiculous beanies? It was 88 degrees today!! Yes, 88 freakin' degrees and I am on the freeway with the A/C on and this guy next to me has on a black knitted beanie. He had to have been sweating up a storm. A bit later I go to the bookstore and there is another guy with a blue beanie on. I know the calendar says January 5th but take a look outside you moron... the sun is out, the wind is blowing through the palm trees and you look like you are going to Aspen for the winter. On my way out to my car I see another one of these geniuses wearing a beanie and shorts...shorts I tell you!!!! Stop the Insanity!!! There is no way that beanie doesn't smell. Your head must be cookin' being cooped up under wool all day with the thermometer reaching 65 plus. Must smell like a wet dog. The only times I have had one of those things on my head the mercury read somewhere south of 30. I just don't get it. I would understand if it was a do-rag or something but let me tell you these were full on beanies or as they call them in Canada tooks. (And they need them there) I did a quick image search for the picture on this post and these beanies are in the category of "Winter Hats". Just because it's Winter doesn't mean you need to wear it. And then there are the chicks. The girls who wear scarves here in beautiful and sunny California. I wonder how many muppets had to die for this new fashion trend. It just looks odd seeing a girl walking around in 80 degree weather with a heavy winter scarf around her neck. There were about three times in my life that I have found need for a scarf. One was in Wisconsin in January, two was in northern Idaho in February, and three was Indiana in December. Just call me old fashioned when what you wear has some connection to the weather. At least it makes a bit more sense. Girls are often slaves to fashion, heels, make-up etc. I guess I will never really understand all this nonsense. But believe me, if you see me wearing one of those beanies or a scarf you will know that it is stinkin' cold outside. OK, I feel better. Any comments??

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