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Friday, January 13, 2006

I thought I was busy before...

Well here I sit doing three jobs right now. Really I know how to say no. I do it often but when all other roads became dead ends I was the only one who could sub at our school. So I am teaching junior high math for the next three weeks. Seminary classes start next week and I still have my job to do at church. So needless to say I have almost no time right now. I am preaching this weekend and have three church events as well, then back in the classroom on Tuesday. Hurray for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Because of his wonderful life and ministry I have Monday off. So you will not be hearing much from me until next month. Until then.....


  • Friend!
    Yes, you are a busy fella. I think the fact that you haven't written a post in 13 is a warning sign of your busyness. :) Keep up the good work, subbing is (hopefully) almost over! Then we can go to lunch again...woohooo!

    By Blogger Ingrid, At 8:56 AM  

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