Friday, February 03, 2006

It sure is good to be back!

Man is it good to be able to blog again. I have really enjoyed putting "pen to paper" as they say. The past month has been a blur for me. My stint in 7th grade was great. I learned some interesting things during the month. First of all, God confirmed in me that I have been given the gift to teach. I really enjoyed communicating information to the students. I love to see that light bulb turn on in their head, there is nothing better. I also realized that I don't miss grading papers and doing all the "paperwork" that comes with being a teacher. If I could just teach and hang out with the kids and build relationships that would be great. So needless to say I feel that God was telling me that I am doing the right thing now.

School is going well. The class I am taking right now is called "Pastor as Missionary". It has been a very practical class and I have enjoyed it a lot, even though I have had to read about 700 pages. I have three papers to do in the next three weeks so that should be fun. I am taking Spanish at Golden West College right now. It is OK. I don't really like the vibe at Golden West. It is not as nice as Cypress College but I needed some more work in basic Spanish and I could not retake any of the classes at Cypress. It could just be some pre-conceived notions I have about Golden West. When I was in high school we called that place "Golden Waste". It did not have a great reputation then and the campus is kinda ugly. Oh well it is just for one semester. I will go back to Cypress in the fall.

On the adoption front, our home has been approved for placement. That is one big hurdle we have passed. It was not easy let me tell you. We had an appointment on the 20th so Jill and I got our classes covered (which was not easy) and went home to meet the inspector. Let me back up a bit. The lady at the licensing office called us to set up an appointment and Jill asked her what evenings she was available. She promptly informed Jill that she only works until 4:30 every day and the last appointment of the day was at 2:30. So Jill asked about Saturday and the lady just about laughed at her and told her she only works Monday through Friday. Now come on people! How many people can just leave their jobs to meet in the middle of the day to be licensed? And how many kids are in the foster care system that would love to have a loving home? This system has many problems. Man they make it so tough to get this done. So back to the story. Jill and I are at home waiting, and waiting, and waiting......... nothing. No phone call, no message. Now we are both ticked that we took the time off for nothing. We call our inspector to leave a message and then try to go on with life. On the one hand I was hoping that nothing had happened to our dear home inspector and on the other I hope she had a good reason for not showing up. After fuming for a few hours I got over it and remembered that we are working with a government agency. So on Monday Jill calls and gets a hold of Adelle (the inspector). She is very apologetic and we set up another appointment for Friday the 27th. So Jill and I take off more time and meet Adelle. She is on time but she got lost trying to find our house (those of you who have been here can relate). Now let me tell you Adelle is a very nice, God fearing woman, but she is one year away from retirement and it showed. She hardly looked around and she didn't even go upstairs. She is supposed to look at the whole house, all the rooms, outside, closets, etc. She hardly did any of it. We could have had a stash of cocaine and firearms in the bedroom and she would not have seen it. I was a bit disturbed by this and then I reminded myself that we are working with a government agency. I could tell you more but you get the idea. We also found out that the next round of parenting classes do not begin until March. So it will be that much longer until we will be approved for placement. I know that the children God has in plan for our house are not quite ready yet. I remind myself of that daily as I pray for them. I ask for your prayers too. Please pray for us as we continue the process and please pray for the children that will placed in our home. We don't know their names yet or what they look like but we know that God has a plan.

That is about all for now. Talk to you all soon.

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