Thursday, February 09, 2006

A Risky Post!!

Well it is 10:55 PM as I start this entry and I don't really have a direction for this post. That could be a dangerous thing. I just got home from class and the house is empty. Jill is at a conference and my mother-in-law is watching the grandkids in Orange. So needless to say it is pretty quiet around here, except for my iTunes playing some U2. Nothing like the Joshua Tree album!! I remember the very first day I ever heard that record. That was way back in 1987 and I was in High School. I was in Tower Records in Buena Park (I think it was Buena Park, I do remember that it was right by Knott's Berry Farm). It just happened to be the very day that the album came out. They were playing it over the PA in the store. Now I was looking for some other record (probably The Cure or something like that) but I was mezmorized by the Joshua Tree Album. It was like someone finally recorded the music that was playing in my soul (I know that may sound a bit corny to you but it is the truth). Well I gave up my search for whatever I was looking for and ponied up my $7, or something, and never regretted that purchase. I still have the record in the garage. Now of course I have that album on tape, on CD and on my computer. That gives me an idea. What album, record, CD, LP whatever you want to call it has made the most impact on you? I believe that music is a driving force for many people. I am definitely one of them. I love to listen to music all the time. It gives me balance in my life. No I'm not going Zen or anything, I just feel that I music speaks to me. I know it is impossible to pick just one album so if you need to I will let you pick three, no more. Here are my three in no particular order:

U2- The Joshua Tree
Dave Matthews Band- Crash
The Samples- Transmissions from the Sea of Tranquility

And just missing the list would be The Cure- Disintegration. Now tomorrow morning I may go...ARGHH I wish I would have thought of that album (whatever it may be) so I may change this list at some point but we will see where this one is going. At any rate there are a few newer albums that are slowly moving up on the charts for me they include:

Switchfoot-Nothing But Sound
Mae- The Everglow
U2- How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb

I know that it is risky posting about music since everyone seems to take it so personally. I don't want any trash-talkin' here. This is not the NBA!! Let me know what albums are important to you. I might even check them out. All right its time for bed. Talk to you later.


Jon said...

Your actual question was about the albums that have had the most impact (as opposed to "what are your three favorite albums"). So from that perspective, I go back to my early years when I heard music for the first time that helped define my current musical landscape.

In early childhood, this would be my dad playing me:
"Endless Summer" - The Beach Boys
The Beatles white album
E. Power Biggs playing J.S. Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D-minor.

But, what I think is interesting to think about is the idea of picking out the albums that drastically changed the musical landscape once I had already established my own landscape for me. Maybe that's where you were going. All of these happened in my teen years:
"Nusery Cryme" - Genesis (hearing this started me on a journey into progressive rock that's just as strong today as it was in 1986)
"Master of Puppets" - Metallica (I also heard this in 1986 - and I still love me some good metal)
"Bellybutton" - Jellyfish (This blew me away in 1990 and I have spent the last 16 years gobbling up as much good power pop music as I could find and I'm still going...)

But I wouldn't say any of these were in my top 3 favorite albums of all time. I like so much music, I'd need to do like a top 3 from each genre.

Vicar Seth said...

I agree with you Jon. I would have a hard time picking just three albums that would be my "favorite". You hit the nail on the head when you said most influential. I guess that is what I was getting at. I could never pick just one or even five. It also depends on how I am feeling at the time. There may be a few more albums I would put on the list including:
The Alarm- Declaration
Echo and the Bunneymen- Songs to Learn and Sing
Aztec Camera- High Land Hard Rain
Freddy Jones Band- Waiting for the Night

I could go on but you get the idea. Thanks for the comments.

Not So Random said...

"Yourself Or Someone Like You" by Matchbox Twenty...I listened to that album all day long for a couple of weeks when I first got it to help block out the redundancy of having lost power during a severe ice storm while I was in high school. I can't listen to some of those songs, especially "long day" and "back 2 good", without going back to those long days full of contemplation and inspiration...

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