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Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Yeah I know I said I was going to post more often and here it is with a long stretch between posts. Where have all the days gone? First of all I did take some time to travel to Florida to see some family. Josh and I traveled together to Dallas and met up with his girlfriend Molly. Then the three of us were on to Tampa/St. Pete. The weather was tremendous and the sunsets were amazing. The following pictures I took should prove my point:

The downer of the trip was that I had to still log on to class from Florida. It went well even though I did have to stay up till one in the morning. The trip back was uneventful. Since then I have been up to my eyeballs in work and school. I had a test tonight and I have been reading almost nonstop for about a week. I have two more papers to write and one more test to study for, as well as some Greek to do. Then I will have about two weeks to breathe and then the summer term starts.

Mission Alaska 2006 is coming up fast and we are behind in our planning. I think the next couple of days will be filled with Alaska for me. We are behind in our fundraising too. I know that God will provide but I can't just sit like a bump on a log and expect money to magically appear in the Mission fund. I am also busy with my weekly online Bible study. Feel free to check it out sometime. It is a lot of fun for me to write each week. I also preached all five services this past weekend. It went well and I feel more comfortable each time I preach. I also feel humbled during the writing process. It is a time to let the Spirit move me. It is awesome. I usually start in a direction and find myself someplace else. It is always wonderful and awesome at the same time. I love the journey.

Thank you for all of the well wishes for my birthday. I hope to celebrate it more this weekend. Both Jill and Sandy are out of town and the house is pretty quiet. A bit of a different birthday for me. Not bad...just different. Jill is in Washington DC with her class. They visit the Capital Building and the Smithsonian tomorrow. Well that is about it. Nothing new on the adoption front. You all will be some of the first to know when something happens. Peace...


  • I know I'm a little behind...but "I'm just saying" ...what a blessing that parenting class is done! I know that it's old news, but really now, life was a bit much in the midst of parenting classes. And now finals are almost over in the moorman household...summer school here you come! :)

    By Blogger Ingrid, At 11:15 PM  

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