Friday, May 19, 2006

Retreat Weekend!

With the semester over, you would think that I have all this time on my hands and things are getting done around the house. You would think I have been relaxing on the couch and catching up on all the TV shows that are clogging my TiVo box. If you think that is the case you are wrong. It has been non stop since the semester has been over. I have been subbing at Pacific Lutheran High School this week for starters. It has been fun and teaching is sorta like riding a bike. You don't really forget. I also had a day long retreat with the leadership staff at church. It was awesome as we hammered out our parish theme for next year: "Disciples: By Divine Design". It should be awesome and very preachable. This weekend is also our end of the year CrossRoads retreat with the youth at church. It is the first retreat for the incoming 8th graders and the last one for the graduating seniors. It is always well attended and we will have close to 50 at the retreat this year. My pal Ingrid and I wrote the Bible studies and I think they kick butt!! The theme is "The Fab Four" with a nod to the Beatles. The weekend will have a Beatle theme and our studies will focus on another fab four from the bible: Mary, Abraham, David, and Paul. We will talk about the themes of fear, faith, forgiveness, and freedom (pretty good alliteration). We will take off for the mountains this afternoon. This coming Monday and Tuesday I will be an a conference in Pasadena. It is sponsored by Mosaic, a church that does things a new way. They are blazing new trails of how church happens and how to engage this generation in living their lives as a servant of Jesus Christ. I am looking forward to it. I also got my reading assignments for my next summer class, so it is time to start reading again. At least I had a week off.

Our home interview with the social worker went very well. And I have already had my one on one with her. Jill goes in today for her one on one. Then in two weeks we will have one more meeting to set up a parenting profile and match assistant (so they can find the best possible match of children for us). We still have to take one more class and then we will be all set. It is a very long process. We are coming up on about a year in it and we may have up to a year to 18 months to go depending on finding a suitable match for us.

That is about it for now. Hasta Luego......

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