Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I am back!!!

Well I think it is about time to get this thing up and running again. It has been an eventful summer and I has a lot to blog about but a full post will have to wait for another day. Here is the quick version:

  • Alaska was great but short for me (since I had to come home for class). We were blessed beyond measure and I look forward to going again
  • My second summer class (on Worship) went by quickly and I learned a lot.
  • The day after class was over we packed up the minivan and drove to Napa to see my sister. We went to a wine club event while we were there and it was awesome.
  • We were home for less than 24 hours and then took off to Palm Springs to see some family. It was hot but the girls loved the pool.
  • Were home for three days to do laundry and do homework (and I had to pack and move my office) then we were off to Maui.
  • Maui was fun but tiring with five kids four and under in the same house (our rental house is pictured above). I did get to dive one day and we all went to a Luau.
  • Got back last Wednesday and since then I have finished two projects for summer school, registered for next semester, tried to organize my new office and am gearing up for the fall at Church.
  • This summer has also seen dance class for my oldest and swim lessons for both girls.
  • Jill started back to work this week and I start school next week.
  • Pre-School is closed the next two weeks and we don't quite know what we will do for childcare at the moment.
  • My youngest is still on again, off again with the potty. She has to make great progress the next two weeks or no school for her (and no childcare for daddy!!).
  • There have been some awesome things that I will write more about later but let me give you one tease...This came out of my oldest daughters mouth "Daddy, why are those guys dancing in their panties?" I hope you are intrigued
Talk to you later.

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