Wednesday, December 05, 2007

My Tuesday post...on Wednesday

So last night after the girls went to bed, I started watching some mindless TV thinking to myself, "I can't believe I don't really have anything else to do." Well, lets just say this little blog slipped my mind, even after I had told a few people what I was going to write this week. I guess this adds some spice to my life.

Like I have mentioned before on this blog, I try to take Tuesdays as my day off. Not that Tuesdays are the best day for it but it just seems to work in the calendar of my life. On that note, I took the girls to school yesterday and then hit the gym. I really like going to the gym and try to get there at least three times a week. Some days it is a chore but I have really enjoyed listening to my iPod while working out. Lately I have been listening to some podcasts. Specifically I have spent my workout time with the Kevin & Bean Show from KROQ radio here in LA. I basically grew up with these guys and their morning show and now I can listen to them on my time instead of 5:30-10:00 AM. The podcast is not the whole show but the highlights and they are quite funny. They make an hour on the treadmill go by pretty fast. So back to my day, After the gym I had to go to the bank. I needed to actually go into the bank itself and it was kinda strange. It has been a long time since I have gone into a bank to do business. I am an ardent supporter of the ATM and if I can't do it there, I usually don't do it. So there I was standing in line which brought back all kinds of memories of being a kid an going to the bank with my parents. One time when I was quite young, I was dressed up like a cowboy and my mom let me "hold-up" the teller and she gave me some money. Life was simpler back then.

After the bank and picked up a sandwich and checked out what was playing at the local cineplex. Nothing really struck my fancy but I decided to try Fred Claus. It was an enjoyable 2 hours of entertainment. I do feel like it is Christmas now. A few things really struck me while I was in the theater. First of all I was the only one there for the noon show! It was really surreal. No bothersome loud talkers, no fussy kids, no one spoiling the next scene, just me and the empty red velvet sets. The second thing was, during the movie one of my favorite Christmas songs was used in the climactic scene. The song Christmas Wrapping by the Waitresses is not that well known but I have loved it since the 80's. The Waitresses have a spot in the heart of most of us who grew up in the 80's especially those of us who like the TV show "Square Pegs" since they did the theme song from that great show. I love the 80's!! That is all for today see you next week and until then please enjoy the following videos:

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Susie said...

I think the ease of just being able to on the car in the morning to hear the surf report followed by Kevin and Bean is one of my fav things about being back in Orange County. Cuz sadly since KROQ is sort of behind on more than just their long distance phone bills I wasn't able to hear them all while I was in Portland. Maybe I could have on the mountain but I didn't even think about checking for a podcast. That could have made many days. Dang it. Anyway...I don't know if you listen to them in order but this last weeks made me giggle a few times especially when they memtioned trying the toilet to tap water purifying/conservation system out on the 909 first but what made me laugh even more was a response email from someone in the 909. Oh, good times with Kevin, Bean, Lisa May and the crazy kroq listener community.

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