Sunday, March 01, 2009

Spring Training 2009

Long time no post...I know. Just a short update today. This past weekend I took what has become an annual trek across the desert to the Phoenix area to catch some spring training baseball. It has become an annual trip with church and we had about 25 people this year. I call it a work trip because I usually do devotions with the group at some point (it is a veiled attempt at work at least).  This year we took in three games.  On Thursday we saw the Diamond backs and the Indians in a brand new stadium for Cleveland in Goodyear AZ.  Good facility, no shade, but I will return.  On friday we went out to Surprise (yes that is a town) to see the Cubs and the Rangers.  Love that park!  Great opportunity to get balls during batting practice.  Good accessibility to the players and FREE parking.  Saturday we made our way to Maryvale to see my Angels take on the Brewers.  We sat in the shade the whole time and had the best location of the three.  The weather was great the company was fantastic and if you ever have the chance to make the trip, take it.  

I really hope that heaven will be a combination of Spring Training and Oktoberfest.  That would be the BEST!

Well the most interesting part of the trip came today as I was catching up on a few websites I frequent.  One of them is Uni Watch.  This site is dedicated to uniforms of all kinds.  It is right up my alley.  So tonight I was reading the post from Saturday and when I clicked on the first link on the post I was surprised to see a picture of me.  Here is the link to the post and if you click on the link labeled "let's kick back" and you will see me relaxing all by myself.  I must say it was pretty weird to be reading a site that you frequent and see a picture of yourself.  Anyway... if you like sports and anything uniform related you will enjoy the site.  That is it for now.  Talk to you all later.

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