Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Long Overdue Update

Well, well, well...here I am typing away at the blog that has been long since neglected. Hard to say why I have not taken the opportunity to continue my updates here but needless to say that what was once a weekly thing will most likely continue to be haphazard at best. So don't get your hopes up of constant updates. If you really want to keep up with me on a daily or weekly basis, you might need to join Facebook.

In any event here are the highlights since I last posted:

#1- On the 23rd of December our family was in court to get the official stamp of approval. What we have know for a long time was recognized by the State that we are a forever family. It was a great day filled with positive emotions and good times. The next time you are at my house, please ask to see the video of that great day.

#2- Christmas was great and can be described in one word--Barbie! Barbie movies, and dolls, and clothes (Ken even got some) and last but not least, a new Barbie car! The girls were in heaven.

#3- The day after Christmas as Jill and I were out shopping and at a movie (first time in a while) our oldest used her scissor skills to give her brand new Barbies new looks in the hair department. Then she turned the scissors on herself and chopped some pretty big chunks out of her hair. She looks a little strange but she nothing a clip or two can't help.

#4- New Years was celebrated on Eastern time in our house, watching the ball drop live. It is funny how times have changed!

#5- This past weekend we celebrated the baptisms of our girls. It was a special thrill for me to be able to baptize them. Although our youngest wiped off each splash of water, I know that God has claimed these girls as his very own. After church we had a big party at our house. We had Juan Pollo cater the meal and as I have stated in an earlier post that is the BEST chicken in the world.

So there are the highlights.  Many other things have happened but I don't have the time to go into all of them here.  I pray that all is well with you and yours.  Until I post again...

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Ingrid said...

Oh...my heart is so happy to read this post. I've missed reading the Manuka updates via blogspot.

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