Monday, September 26, 2005

I think that is light at the end of the tunnel

Wow! What a few weeks. Man, I have been soooooo busy. Not that I really have a break right now, but things have eased up a bit. My ethics class meets for the last time tomorrow night and I couldn't be more pleased. My group is one of the three presenting and I think we are ready. We still need to form a paper but I hope that its not too hard. It has been difficult working in a group on a grad school project. We all have different ideas and they don't always match. We have really struggled but I think it has been for the best. I start round two for this semester on October 4th. I will have two classes, Greek II and Pastoral Theology. Each class only meets once a week for ten weeks so it is not as impacted. I am really loving my computer design class. I am just about to finish up my project for Corel Painter. I will be painting a landscape with the computer by using a picture as a clone source. It sounds complex or rather Star Wars, but it really is cool. I will try and post my project as soon as I finish. My piano class is plugging right along. It has been a bit better since most people now have headphones and are not interrupting the professor during class. I am learning a lot but unfortunately I am finding it hard to practice. I have good intentions every day but other things seem to get in the way.

My ankle is feeling better today. It gets sore as the day goes on and doctor said that was to be expected. I hope to start physical therapy this week, that is if the insurance comes through. I am still waiting on bloodwork from the ENT doctor. She needs to check a few things before we continue with anything regarding my snoring and sleep issues.

I was on duty to preach at all four services this weekend and it has gone well. Our congregation has a parish theme every year and this year it is "On the Road Again... The Journey in Jesus", and since I came up with the theme I got to preach the first monthly installment. I used Willile Nelson's song "On The Road Again" as a metaphor for the message. I played the song in church just before the sermon I it went over well. I talked about how we are all just gypsies on the highway of life, going places we have never been, seeing things we may never see again, and making music with our friends. And how Jesus took this journey as well so our destination could be heaven. I hope to post the audio of the message on our website, but we will see because our webhost is located just east of Houston and we have not had email and our website has been down since the weekend. They have not had power since Saturday and we hope everything is all right with them. I will let you know if it gets posted. That is about it for now. Talk to you soon

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