Friday, December 23, 2005

Still sick... but much better!

It's nice to be back among the living once again. I finally went to the doctor after some prodding from my mother-in-law and I am glad I did. He gave me some pills and I feel a ton better today. I hardly got out of bed for about four days. Not a way to live. I didn't even catch up on any TV watching. At least I was able to finish my sermon for Christmas Eve. The bad news is that now Jill is sick in bed. She did not go to school today. That is the first time in about five years she missed school. She was running a fever and felt awful yesterday. So off to the doctor for her and now we are on the same medication. Well enough about the sick... Christmas is in two days and I am looking forward to spending some time with freinds and family. Jill's sister and her family came over Friday for dinner and presents. It was fun. I made a pork roast on the grill (yes we can do that here in CA, it was 75 degrees and sunny today) and potatoes etc. It was pretty yummy. Josh came over too. We all watched "The Muppets Christmas Carol". Nothing says happy holidays quite like Kermit and the gang. Jill and I are off to Phoenix on the 28th for a wedding and to see family. Both Jill and I have family in AZ and we are looking forward to seeing them. Thats about all for now. I will write more in a few days. Have a wonderful Christmas and a Blessed New Year.

P.S. If any of you are interested in reading through the Bible in 2006 with some other people, I am leading an on-line group all through the new year. I will be posting studies every week and we can discuss together via blogger. If you are interested please go to my blog for Chruch at See ya!!

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Jon said...

Hope you guys are feeling all better soon. 'Tis the season for pork. I grilled up some pork loin steaks for the family and my parents on Christmas Eve. I love year-round grillin'!

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