Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Baseball, Kids, & Greek

Spring is in the air!! Some of the trees here in SoCal have even started to bud. But the most telling sign is Spring Training games start tomorrow!!!!! And of course I am leaving for Phoenix early in the morning. This will be the second year I am making the trek out to the desert to watch the best game in the world in one of the most relaxed atmospheres around. If you have never been out to Spring Training you need to go. The players are so willing to sign autographs and pose for pictures. It is a great for the kids and even the young at heart. This year we have made the trip a "father-n-son" retreat for the church. Now you may ask how do I get to go? Good question. As the vicar (read here the guy who does what the senior pastor says) I am in charge of the devotions and Bible study. I wrote the study and will lead the devotional time. Pretty good deal huh??? Maybe next year I will bring my own son, that would be pretty cool!!!! Anyway, we will see three games, one on Thursday, one Friday, and one Saturday. We will be home Saturday evening. We even got tickets to see my beloved Angels for Friday. I am pumped but I am not looking forward to leaving at 3 AM. I will give you an update when I get back.

On the adoption front. We had our first day of parenting classes today. It was mostly filled with a ton of paperwork. I thought we were done with that but I was wrong. We found out we need to get more fingerprints taken. How crazy is that?? We also have to get another form filled out by out doctor. There is nothing like doing everything twice. Oh well, the end result will be worth it. I think the class will be about as interesting as watching paint dry. One of the teachers is... how shall I say??.... the volunteer type. She is big hearted, good natured, but doesn't have much time in public speaking. The Socical worker running the class is great. She does not take BS from anyone. She dismissed about 8 people for not having the right paperwork or for not being eligible for the class. It was great. She also has a great dry but witty sense of humor. I think she will be a lot of fun. So Jill and I have a ton of work to do to fill out all the forms by Monday since I will not be around most of the weekend. I will let you know how things progress.

My studies are going well. I told Jill last night I was joyfully tired. It has been hard but rewarding work so far this term. I am spending a lot of time in the Greek texts and it is a struggle. I have about five books open at a time but I am slugging through it. I am loving the new insights I am learning and discovering every day. My professors are great but they did assign a ton of reading. I did the math (and I probably shouldn't have) and I have about 1200 pages to read in the next ten weeks! Some of it is pretty hard stuff too. I have two book reports to do and one paper as well as a bunch of translating. I am almost finished with the translating for one class and during Spring Break (next week) I will try to finish the rest of it.

Well that's about all for now. Talk to you later.

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