Sunday, March 05, 2006

Good Times!!

I have returned! I got back to Long Beach at about 4:30 yesterday afternoon after a great couple of days in Arizona. We had 28 people on our little "retreat". We went out to Mesa to watch the Cubs play the A's on Thursday. Great Stadium. So-So food. It was on the warm side (85 degrees) and we sat in the sun. I retreated to the shade by about the fifth inning and watched the kids try to get autographs once most of the starters left the game. Pretty exciting ending for the first real game of the Spring. The Cubs got out front early and then some poor guy trying to make the team gave up three homers and seven runs without getting anyone out. OUCH!!! His ERA is now infinity. The Cubs came back in the bottom of the ninth to win by one. On Friday we went to Tempe and watched the Angels play the Padres. We had lawn tickets but went right to the shade because the crowd was pretty light. Great Stadium!! Good food! I had a delicious grilled hot dog, good times indeed. Most of the Angels signed autographs for the kids especially before the game outside the stadium. Most of the kiddos got at least 20 signatures each day. We had dinner at the restaurant inside Chase Field (formerly called the BOB) in Phoenix. It is the home to the Diamondbacks during the regular season. It was first time to that stadium and it is impressive. I liked it. It has a totally different feel than any other ballpark I have been to. Many of you know I am a stadium junkie. I love them. I own books about them and I would like to visit all of them someday. The car I was riding in left early while some of the other groups went to watch the Brewers play in Maryvale and a few went back to Chase Field to watch the USA team practice in preparation for the World Baseball Classic that starts this week. Once again it was a great trip. I highly recommend it if you can get away from work. Here are a few pictures from my camera:

HoHoKam Park home of the Cubs

Tempe Diablo Stadium home of the Angels

Me at the BOB (now called Chase Field)


Rich said...

Very nice, sir! Oddly enough, I'm looking at a picture of the Stadium Formerly Known as BOB now (I got a stadium calendar for Christmas for the office, and it's March's featured park). How many stadiums does that make it for you? Have you hit a dozen yet? What's your favorite stadium of all the ones you have visited?

Vicar Seth said...

Let's see... Here is the list in no particular order:

Angel Stadium
Dodger Stadium
Jack Murphy (the Murph) aka Qualcomm
Oakland Coliseum (or whatever they call it now)
The BOB (Chase Field)
Old Busch Stadium
New Comisky Park (U.S. Cellular or some crap now)
PNC Park (Pittsburg)

So that is 10 for MLB

I have also seen minor league games in:
High Desert
San Bernardino
Buffalo (NY)

And three for Spring Training:
Tempe Diablo (Angels)
HoHoKam Stadium (Cubs)
Suprise Stadium (KC & Texas)

I think the best stadium I have been to was PNC park in the Burg. Awesome view. Small feel to the park. Great sightlines. Some of the best food around. Permani brothers sandwiches rock. They put the fries inside the sandwich!! How cool is that!!

Safeco was a great atmosphere too even though it was pretty laid back. You can get an "Ivars Dog" there. Ivars is a local landmark that serves fish and chips and you can get your fish in a bun. And watching the roof close is pretty cool too.

I hope to get to some more soon. Maybe I will see the Devil Rays this April when I am in Tampa. Who knows. I would also like to visit the new Busch in StL sometime soon.

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