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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

So I have a few minutes here so...

here is a quick update while I have a sec...

Parenting class is almost over. I will give you a detailed post when I have more time. The short version is the material is good (for the most part), our fellow classmates are wonderful and our instructors are not the most engaging. We did find out that we need to take another three week class sometime in May or June so that any children that are placed with us will have access to various services provided by UCLA (by the way...go Bruins!!!). We were not really expecting to take more classes but we will do what what it takes. We absolutely love our social worker. She is great and we are looking forward to working with her. Our home interview will be sometime in May. Keep praying for us and for the kids that will be placed in our home sometime soon.

School is going well but I am really really really busy! I have been getting to Concordia by about 10 AM on school days (Tuesday and Thursday) and studying until class starts (6 PM) with a short break for lunch and dinner. I am learning a lot and it feels good.

I am looking forward to going to Florida on a short vacation the end of April. Josh and I will be traveling together and we will be spending time with Dad's side of the family. Jill is not able to go because she can't take the time away from school. They have testing during the week and the following week the 8th grade is going to Washington DC. So she has a lot to get done. It will be nice to get away for a while but I still have to log into class on one night. It could get rough since my class goes from 6 to 10 PM Pacific time and I will be in Florida. You do the math...

Well I have to get back to work. I already lost one Bible study to the Microsoft gremlins today so I am a bit gun-shy to do more work on this machine. Until then....


  • So, I'll use you as my tour guide always! I am also a bit sad that I didn't see the Jill, Seth, and Ingrid show in full swing. Maybe next visit...It was wonderful to meet you...having met Jill already i knew I was in for a treat to meet the incredible cool and debonaire Seth. And you lived up to the hype and more!

    By Blogger Lindsey, At 11:27 PM  

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