Friday, April 07, 2006

Are those flowers I see?

If April showers bring May flowers, we should have some nice ones in a few weeks. We have had our share of rain this year and it sure has been nice. Beside the fact that people from SoCal cannot drive in the rain. I heard a stat the other day from the CHP (California Highway Patrol), on a normal commute day there are somewhere in the neighborhood of 250 "incidents" on LA area freeways. This past Tuesday there were almost 600! Just because it is raining does not mean you can drive the same way you do when it is dry. I will cut them a but of slack. We don't get enough practice driving in the rain so that does not help. I saw the remnants of three or four "weather related" incidents on the Freeway Tuesday myself.

Speaking of driving. I had to renew my license and I was a bit scared to venture into the dreaded DMV. A few weeks ago I made an appointment and was grateful that it was early in the morning. I went to the DMV this morning at 8:30 and was leaving by 8:45. It was amazing!! No lines, no crowds. For the first time in a while I didn't feel like I was in the free clinic waiting to get a TB test (yeah I've been there before...don't ask). It was quite a pleasant experience. Now I am sure my picture will come back all goofed up but whatever. It could be worse.

I feel like I have made it over the hump in school right now. I took two tests this week and they were both really hard. My Revelation test was mostly brute memorization. We had so much to know and I think I did pretty well. I know I did mess up on one part because I wanted to get done and I did not see all of the directions. It had to be on the Greek part too. My Romans test was equally as hard but it took more synthesis of the information. We had to apply most of the material from Romans 1-8 into real life situations. One of the questions was, "You get a call on Saturday night and the senior pastor is sick, you need to preach in the morning here is your text...develop an outline to communicate the major theological points of the text and give some strategies to your people on how to apply it." What a great question!! It was hard but it really made me think. I spent quite a while mulling over a portion of scripture trying to distill the main point. It was a tough but rewarding exercise. I have a book report to write this weekend and then I will be about half way done with the course work for this term. I feel pretty good, but I will feel better when May 11th comes and the semester will be over.

Jill and I are finally finished with parenting class. It was 33 hours of sheer excitement (notice the sarcastic tone in my voice). I don't think I am ready to give a full blow by blow account, nor do I really want to. If you want the details you will have to call or send an email. See my previous post for the short version.

And finally baseball is back!!! All is right with the world again. I love this time of year. Baseball is the pulse of life for me. I just love it. I have been trying to catch a game a day (when I can). I hope to get out to Angel stadium in a few weeks to catch a game in person soon. I am glad that the season is so long because my Angels are in last place today, but a lot can happen and it usually does. It sure is good to have time to blog again. I hope to post more frequently now that I have a bit more time. Until then...

P.S. I took the picture on this post all by myself...are you impressed??

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Ingrid said...

I love the pic, pal! It's the new background on my computer.
And praise Jesus parenting class is over!

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