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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Angels Baseball

So I went to my first MLB game of the season tonight. I don't remember if I mentioned that I went to see a game of the World Baseball Classic last month. I got to see team USA against Japan and the US won in dramatic fashion. No such luck tonight as the Angels got their butts handed to them by the Texas Rangers 11-3. Man, it felt good to be back in that stadium again. The Senior Pastor Kevin got four tickets from a guy he coaches little league with and he invited me and a few other guys from church to go with him. I was shocked that I did not have something else planned. I looked at my schedule, made a quick call to Jill and all systems were go. We had a great time eating peanuts drinking beer, and talking. The giveaway for the night was a retro Angels alarm clock with the rally monkey on it (see the picture). If you don't know what the rally monkey is let me know and I will give you the full story. The short version is that there is this video of a monkey that they play on the jumbotron and when they do the Angels seem to rally and get back into the game. It started about six years ago and got national attention during the 2002 World Series. The clock is pretty dorky but I will put it in the drawer with all the other Angel giveaway items I have collected over the years. Jill doesn't seem to understand that someday this stuff will be worth their weight in gold. It is my secret retirement plan. When all else fails I will sell my treasures for outrageous prices and then buy season tickets. If that doesn't work then I am getting a metal detector and I will be walking the beaches in search of lost coins, watches, and bobbie pins to supplement Social Security. Wow...that was a wired tangent! I am serious about getting a metal detector though. That sounds like fun. So anyway, the game was great even though the Angels lost. I got to see quite a few of my former coworkers. It was good to catch up with them. A few of them were pressuring me to get my job back. No thanks. I am pretty content where I am right now. I don't need anything else on my plate. I can't wait to go again. Until next time........


  • I too was at that game. Took a group of the guys from the youth group. The game was a dud. The clock was alright, it was not able to hold a battery so I pitched it. The fun part was that one of the guys that went to the game almost was not able to go. See he had missed class the previous week because he had forgotten to set his alarm clock. Need I say more? He was able to go, only after a spotless cleaning of his room, and did get a clock that I hope works better than mine since he could really use it.

    By Blogger Dave, At 5:18 PM  

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