Saturday, April 15, 2006

Juan Pollo and the iSight Camera

Happy Easter Eve! Can you say that? Are we still in Lent? I guess I should know. But I know that it is already Easter in other parts of the world so I feel O.K. about it.

The one really good thing I learned in parenting classes is that there is this place called Juan Pollo that makes the best tasting chicken in the world. They have awesome potato salad, great rice and beans and some killer salsa. We learned of this wonderful place when one of our classmates brought it for dinner one night. Jill and I were hooked right away. If you have a chance to go take it. So why all the talk about chicken? Well, Josh came over tonight for Easter and we went to Juan Pollo for dinner. The nearest one is in Anaheim and we took the 15 min trek over to what I call chicken corner. One one corner is Juan Pollo, across the street in one direction is El Pollo Loco, and across the other way is El Pollo Norteno. It did not dissappoint. We got the mini pack which has one chicken, rice, beans, potato salad, tortillas, and salsa. Jill also got some horchata, and I had a pina juice. Very yummy indeed.

So when we got back home, Josh and I started playing around with the iSight camera on my computer. We had a blast taking goofy pictures of ourselves. Here are the highlights, enjoy:


Ingrid said...

Oh dear me! That explains the myspace picture. FUNNY! I heart my family. :D
Can't wait to try Juan Pollo one of these days.

Rich said...

Dude...Juan Pollo rocks!!! Heather just brought some home Monday. They have the best bowls of any place around! I just wish there was a place closer to us than Anaheim.

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