Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Boston Massacre- 2006

I love baseball. Just everything about it fascinates me. Many of you know I worked at Angels Stadium for four seasons and I got to see some great games. I enjoyed four games of the World Series in 2002 and got to see my team win it all. But the worst times at the stadium were when the Red Sox would come to town. I posted a story about this before and you can read the details here. The Angels open up a three game series with the team from Bean town today and Anaheim better get ready to host the biggest bunch of myopic fans the world has ever known. Please take a minute to check out my friend Rich's blog about his feelings of Red Sox Nation. I can't agree more!!! It was great to see the Sox lose five straight to their arch rivals from the Bronx. I couldn't help but grin from ear to ear this past weekend. Go Angels!!!


Dave said...

I was at last nights opener of the series and what a game it was. Cliffhanger right down to the last pitch. If you ignore the Figgins dropped catch, Garrett's passed ball, and the three way pile up of Boston fielders, the game was played rather well. Very fun, especially to see Boston go down with my brother-in-law the Red Sox fan next to me. I will be back for game three tomorrow, hoping for similar results.

Vicar Seth said...

That pile up in short right field was a crack up!! Go Angels!!!!!

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