Friday, August 19, 2005

Red Sox Nation = Raider Nation

Found a cool new website that I have spend some time on in the past couple of weeks. It is called I stumbled upon it while searching for that famous Randy Johnson Fastball vs. The Bird video clip. This site has some video clips and pictures of some of the most bizarre things. Well being a fan of AFV (that is America's funniest videos for all the non-geeks out there) this site was just up my alley. I enjoyed the two legged dog who walks upright and the redneck rollercoaster just to mention a few. Enough of the plug.

I made it to an Angel game this week. I went on Wednesday with my good friends Rich and Heather. We got cheap tickets and then I got "upgraded" when I saw my ex-coworkers from the stadium. We sat on the field level out by the left field foul pole. You know there is something about the pace of a baseball game that lends itself to good conversation. We talked about all kinds of things, sports, friends, family. It is nice in our busy age to just sit and talk to one another. Unfortunately the Angels lost to the stinkin' Blue Jays but the real treat was to hang out with good friends. This is the weekend that I am sooooo glad I am not working at the stadium this year. The Red Sox are in town and talk about a bunch of rude, selfish, myopic fans. The Red Sox games were always the worst to work. I am sure it will be at another level this year since they won the world series last year. Now I don't have anything against the Red Sox team per se except they are playing my team. And I like the city of Boston, but the self proclaimed "Red Sox Nation" has a lot common with "Raider Nation". You know what I am talking about. The fan who believes that his teams poop don't stink and that everyone is out to get them, and F-U if you don't like their team. So needless to say I will be thinking of my friends who are working at the stadium this weekend. I just hope none of them take a bottle in the head or worse. I on the other hand will be enjoying my last weekend of the summer before the onslaught of reading comes. Have a great weekend. Take care and God Bless!!


Rich said...

It was sooooo much fun going to the Angel game with you on Wednesday night. I always look forward to going to games with you because you are so knowledgable of the sport-it's good to be able to talk strategy and such amongst all the other great conversation that's going on.

Speaking of which, remember our conversation on Wednesday about why don't guys drop more bunts when a huge defensive shift is on? Well, you turned out to be a prophet.

I tune in to the Angels game today and David Ortiz is up. The Angles have three guys shifted to the left side of the infield. Ortiz lays down a perfect bunt up the third base side for an easy single.

Of course, whether or not the fact that the Red Sox heeded your advice will make you sick to your stomach is entirely up to you.

Vicar Seth said...

Yeah, I saw that too. It was a good move on his part. I think if he does that a few more times the shift will be off and you will see some of his numbers surge. Of course it had to be against the Angels. Oh well. I did like the fact that Manny is a train wreck out in left. He is lucky his bat does most of the talkin'. YIKES! He makes Hideki Matsui look like Willie Mays!

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