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Saturday, August 27, 2005

My Life May Never Be The Same

My life may never be the same, and I say that not necessarily in a bad way. Jill and I attended an adoption orientation meeting today in Long Beach. This was the first official step in our process of adoption. We have been thinking about this for a long time now and we even went to a few other meetings but this time we submitted some paperwork and have the very large application in hand. The next step is to sift through the document and fill it out. Then we have to get fingerprinted (again) and get the house ready for our "in home" study. We will need to get a bunk bed and some other furniture before the study can be done. After that we have to enroll in a parenting class. (Sidebar: I think everyone should have to take one of these classes before they are allowed to have kids, but I digress) That class is 33 hours and takes place over 6 consecutive Saturdays. We will start that sometime in the next few months. Once that is complete we will be licensed foster care providers. Only then will we be set for placement. It take a while to get everything in order but we are looking forward to it. One other thing, if you want to babysit for us you will have to get fingerprinted. It's the law. First offense $500, second time, up to $3100. I think the $55 for fingerprinting is a better option. Let me know if you have a lead on a bunkbed and some other kid furniture. We will need it. I will post some cool websites for the county of Los Angeles Children and Family Services division in a few days so you can check them out for yourself. I am busy now getting some practice watching my nieces. Maddie is 2 and Sophie is 1. I always seem to be here when they need to be changed. Oh well, I can hear them both crying on the baby monitor. Gotta go.......


  • Congratulations you two!!! I'm so happy to hear the great news. The family you adopt will be so blessed to have you and Jill as parents. That's AWESOME!!!!!

    By Blogger Heather, At 6:59 AM  

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