Sunday, August 07, 2005


Well I take off for the States tomorrow. I hope it takes less than 36 hours to make the trip, but I am flying America West so there is no guarantee. A few thoughts about the dive trip. After the hell of travel, the trip was spectacular. The weather was good for the most part except for some thunderstorms and the bugs didn't bite too hard. We stayed in the new Casa de Schulz in San Carlos. You can visit my friend Ron's blog for some pics of the house. It is beautiful with a great view of the marina. We took the boat out for five days and saw some great sites. The only bugger was the copious amounts of jellyfish in the water. I got stung several times by those bad boys. Not a fun experience. I was pretty well protected except for my face and I am still showing the marks of one sting on my lip. With that said, it doesn't get much better than hanging out with some of your best friends and eating some great grub and diving in a wonderful location. The beer was cold and the tacos were spicy. I look forward to next years trip. See you in the states soon! Hasta luego!

P.S. The picture above has not been retouched or photoshopped in any way (really!!)

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