Tuesday, February 12, 2008


No, this is not a rant about Barry Bonds or the allegations lobbed toward Roger Clemens. This is not going to be an opinion piece on major league baseball or professional wrestling. No, this is about my youngest child….she is on the juice…well not the juice, the cream…no, not the cream but the puffer. Our little girl is pumping up the puffer to combat asthma. It would be nice if we were grooming her for a lucrative career in professional sports, A.K.A. “daddy’s retirement”, but we are not. Our youngest can’t get through the night without having some major coughing fits. If you are a regular reader of this blog you already know that when our youngest starts coughing it usually ends up as a street pizza, a technicolor yawn, calling Ralph on the big white phone, a…you get the point. So to have something that will quell these spells is quite welcome in our home. We are three days into the steroid era at our house and I will let you know how things are progressing. So far no asterisks on the floor. 

btw- the image on this post is the actual chemical makeup of the steroid that is in my house (Yeah, I'm a nerd)  Talk to you next week...

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