Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Scorecard...

So I am digging out from the avalanche that was last week.  If you have not read last weeks post you may want to scroll down before you continue today.  I will give you an update by the numbers from last weeks list.  Here is the scorecard:

#1- Got an extension from the professor and am about 80% done with my project as of today.  One more day and it should be good to turn in.

#2- Done...not done well but done none the less.

#3-  Wow!  Way behind on this one.   I have 16 questions to answer and I am on #5...not good news for me.

#4- Done, and it looks pretty cool.  I will put it in the mail to the Seminary in St. Louis by the end of the week and hope for the best.

#5- Done, and I felt pretty good about it.  I have received more email about these sermons than any other I have delivered.  I will be honest and I really just modified my morning sermon for the evening service and did not write a totally new one.

#6- All the music went well.  I am always leery when the Sunday night service is the Seth show, meaning I do the music and the message, but it seemed to go well (until I kicked my guitar over after the last song.  It would of been cool if it was a Who concert but it was church.  Oh well...)

#7- Things are going quite well for chapel, but I did find out that I will be out of town on the day that I am supposed to be leading chapel so now I have a bit more work to do to make sure the students can do it on their own.

#8- The presentation went well.  There were a lot of people there and we gave out all the applications we made and then some.

#9- Got a good start on my reading and we are on Spring break this week so no new reading until Monday.

#10- One down, one to go.

#11- Yikes!  Got to get this done this week, not much time left either........

#12- I did get to spend time with Jill's brother for a while, but did not do everything I wanted (Jill took him to The Getty, I worked all day, I loose on that one.)

#13- I tried to be home to tuck the girls in each night and see Jill while we were both awake.  I reached my goal.

#14- Did some good sleeping...and napping.  But need to do more so off to bed for me.  

Over all I give myself about a B- for the week.  Not great, but not a total failure either.  I still have a lot to do.  So back to work and I will see you next week...

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