Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Happy Birthday

Today my youngest turned 3.  She has been waiting for this day for a while now.  She has been so excited to tell everyone she is 3 and has been practicing holding up 3 fingers.  It is so cute.  Today when she woke up we brought her two presents that she opened.  She got a new pair of sunglasses and a new Barbie.  She also got some cards in the mail which she opened.  Of course she wanted to have cupcakes for breakfast but settled for yogurt.  She said she had fun at school and came home with a great birthday crown.  We went out to Ruby's for dinner tonight and she got her favorite- Mac'n Cheese.  She also had some chocolate malt for a special treat.  Over all it was a good day.  I proudly say that today I am the father of two three year olds.  Now that will change on Monday when my oldest turns four but it is kinda fun to say that at least for a week.

In other news.  I am off to St. Louis next Monday for my theological interview at the seminary.  I have some serious butterflies because no matter how much you prepare you never really know what direction things will go.  It freaks me out a bit to sit in a room with some seminary profs who don't know me and I don't know them and what happens in that room could make or break my future.  I would feel much more comfortable if the professors that actually taught me and know me would do the interview but that won't happen.  For the past few weeks I have been pouring over my preliminary questions and rereading a few books, but I know I won't feel good until it is all over.  I will get a chance to see some family when I am out there and I am looking forward to that.  Of course this could not come at a worse time because I am preaching the next two weekends and am still taking one class and Easter is right around the corner.  Anyway, I covet your prayers for safe travel and that my brain works next Wednesday.  I will give you an update in a few weeks.  Have a great week...

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