Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Totally forgot...

It has been quite a week and as I was in my office working on the details for Holy Week, Easter, and beyond I realized that it was Wednesday and I did not blog this week. I tried to rationalize it by remembering that I did post twice last week but here I am typing away. I really don't have much time but I did want to say that I really feel like I have had a big weight taken off my shoulders. My time in St. Louis was hard but the outcome was great and I realized when I returned how many people were praying for me. One quick story. On Wednesday afternoon, Jill told one of her classes that I had "passed" and a few of the students thought I died. How funny is that! The mind of a junior-high student, sharp as a marble. Needless to say things are busy but I have some renewed energy. In a few months I will be done with school. I can't wait.

Well I am off to the grocery store with the girls so I will wrap this up. Talk to you next week from beautiful Phoenix Arizona, spring home to my favorite baseball team the ANGELS! Go Halos!!!

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