Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Long and Winding Road

Hey folks.  With my tease from last week I bet you were all waiting for the great post about spring training baseball but lets just say I am TIRED!  We left for the Phoenix area on Sunday afternoon and soon into the trip I remembered that traveling with two vans and five kids under six years old makes for a long day.  We arrived in the valley of the sun way past sunset and promptly went to sleep.  I shared a bed with my oldest and Jill had our youngest next to her.  What that means is that mom and dad don't get much sleep.  So after a long road trip and not much sleep I found myself in Maryvale Stadium watching the Milwaukee Brewers play the Los Angeles Dodgers yesterday.  At one point, as I was baking in the sun (because I forgot to pack my hat) I looked at my friend Matt and said, "I will buy you a beer if you can tell me what inning it is and what the score is."  No answer from Matt and I could not help either.  Needless to say, two Angels fans watching national league teams play as we were "catching some rays (not the hint of sarcasm)" did not make for intent watching or critiquing of each pitch.  We did have some great conversation and the group from my church had a blast.  The best part was that as we were going into the stadium a bus pulled up and a bunch of the Angels got out to have an unannounced inter-squad game.  The kiddos in the group got to watch it up close and got some cool autographs.  

Today was another long day in the car and I am happy to be home.  Now it is off to bed looking forward to another long day tomorrow.  This time it is work and school.  Overall the trip to AZ was great.  It was wonderful to see family and catch a little bit of baseball.  If you ever get a chance to go to spring training I highly recommend it.  Good night and I will talk to you next week.

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