Tuesday, April 29, 2008

With final exams next week and a ton on my plate this will be a highlight blog today:

(In no particular order)

#1- The girls had a court date on the 17th but their case was extended and the next court date is June 26th.  Once again we are delayed.  I pray that this is the last time.

#2- As a direct result of #1, Jill and I each need to put in 8 hours of continuing education for our foster care license.  We had hoped not to have to do this but we have no choice.  I will be in class for three hours tomorrow morning (not looking forward to that one)

#3-  Our youngest had a nightmare last week and nighttime has been an adventure ever since.  When the sun goes down the tears start.  Our saving grace has been Nanna with the "monster spray".

#4- Even though Seminary is almost over it is looking more and more that ordination will not take place until later in the summer.  I was hoping for June but it looks like it will be later now.  More info to come...

#5-  I have to make another trip to the doctor with the girls on Friday.  If you know the history there you will be praying.  

#6-  Our oldest went to the dentist the other week and was a trooper.  She had a great check-up and wants to go back.  We will see how long that lasts.

#7- The girls just got back from a walk with Nanna so I got to go and do jammies and teeth.  Have a great week...

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