Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Just when I thought it was safe to go back in the water!

I am questioning the logic in trying to teach a semester of Greek in just four weeks. I am still doing fine in the class and I am learning a lot. I even like it. It is fun! But I see the looks on the faces of my classmates and it makes me sad. Many of them have full time jobs and families. They hardly have time to study. We are all trying to help each other out but it sure seems like we are trying to take a drink out of a fire hose. I was feeling really good until yesterday. We took a test and I think I did rather well (we will see tomorrow). But then we started our lesson, we found out that everything we learned and memorized was true, but not for all nouns. There is this class of nouns that have a whole new set of rules. It was so easy when all the endings matched, but now all hell has broken loose. I had such a headache by the end of the evening. Now I feel even worse for my busy classmates. It's time for the rubber to meet the road tomorrow. Four more classes and counting. At least we get good snacks during class.

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