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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Gotta Love the Weather in SoCal!

With the pitterpatter of rain outside I write a short post. Yes it is Southern Californian and it seems like we don't get much rain, but it is sure nice today. We have been battling the heat from the Santa Ana winds the past couple of days and I am getting a bit antsy for fall to start. Now mind you we really don't have seasons here in Long Beach. We have summer and then spring. Now I am not complaining. I love the weather here but I wish we would have a hint of the seasons. The crisp air of fall. The snow of winter, the newness of spring. But alas I guess I will suffer with another 70 degree day with sunshine and a chance of rain. I like weather. I am one of those nerds who owns a weather radio and on occasion actually listen to it. One of my bookmarks is for the weather channel and I even took a graduate class on weather. But here I live in SoCal where channel 7 has the Doppler 7000+ and when it starts raining we go on "Storm Watch". The local news cracks me up. Lets go out to our reporter in San Fernando... "Thanks guys... Droplets of what I can only assume to be water have been falling from the sky for about 30 minutes now and the ground is getting wet. We saw people opening up umbrellas all over the valley in the past hour and we thing it may last for a while... back to you in the studio." This goes on for about 15 minutes with reports fro Oxnard to San Juan Capistrano. Then we go to the "weather expert" for 10 min. with the super doppler veggimatic or whatever and he tells us it is raining!! Oh my! Then... breaking news from Orange County... "It looks like a couple of people have "fallen" into the Santa Ana River and swift water rescue crews have been dispatched." This happens every time it rains. I hate to imagine what would happen if we ever get real weather. Oh well, that is life. Well got to go...


  • Seth,
    Oh, how I miss the good ole Southern California "Storm Watch". And the people in the rivers, right on que. How did they get in there that quick?

    By Anonymous Dawn, At 1:02 PM  

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