Monday, October 31, 2005

Has it really been a week and a half?!?

Wow, I just went to my blog and noticed I haven't posted since the 19th. Well lets see what has been going on? I have finished the weird, wonderful, and wacky world of Greek verbs and I can honestly say I understand. Not perfectly...but much better than I thought. I have a big test tomorrow so we shall see how much I really know. It has been quite an adventure. So, to keep me going after Greek class I just bought a parallel/interlinear Greek New Testament. What is that you may ask? It is a New Testament with the Greek text with each of the words translated right underneath. It also has two English versions. 1) The NASB (New American Standard Bible) which is what is called a literal translation. That means it strives to stay as close as possible to the original wording even if some of the meaning or understanding is not clear. Other literal translations are KJV (King James Version) and NRSV (New Revised Standard Version) 2) The NIV (New International Version) which is called a dynamic equivalent. Dynamic equivalent translations stay close to the original text but usually translate idioms and figures of speech into equivalent idioms and figures of speech in English. I am looking forward to using it.

For those of you who skipped over the last paragraph because it got a bit technical...Welcome back! I went to see a concert on Saturday night. It was a church event, but we did not have much interest. Oh well, their loss because it was awesome!! The headliner was Jeremy Camp, and he had two opening acts. One was Bethany Dillon. She is a new, young (16 yrs old) artist on the Christian scene. I picked up her album a couple of months ago and I really like it a lot. She played first and sang about 6 songs. Very simple, acoustic guitar, bass, and drums. She has a great voice and one of her songs is in the movie Dreamer. Click here for info on the movie. Up next was The Afters. I had never heard them before and I was quite impressed. They are a well put together band. They signed with a small Christian label and then Sony Music heard them and signed them to a big time deal. They have a video playing on MTV righ now and they seem to be on the edge of blowing up (in a good way). Then Jeremy camp came out and he put on a fantastic show. He was a worship leader in his church for a while and he has a grasp on some good Church music as well as his own songs. He puts a new spin 0n some hymns as well as popular "praise" songs. I would encourage you to pick up any of his CD's if you are into modern worship and praise worship. He also wrote a song for the movie The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. It is on the CD of music inspired by the movie (Bethany Dillon is on that CD too). He spoke a lot about the struggles he has in his life and was very honest. It was a good witness that even he doesn't have it all together. He said that his hope is in Jesus, Jesus, only Jesus. Good times!! Well I could go on but I will keep it at that.

In health news, nothing new to report. I am still going to physical therapy three times a week for my ankle. I go back to the orthopedic guy on Thursday. My ears are better (even after the concert) and I will see the ENT again in January. We are still waiting to hear from the county regarding our application for adoption. I hope to hear soon. So that is my post for today. Man, why did I wait so long. That was fun. Talk to you all soon.


Jon said...

Bethany Dillon is great, although I thought her second album was not as strong as the first. The new album is, well... too slick. It's so overproduced that you start to lose the immediacy that her voice brings to a song. So, I'd say to people "Get the first album, but hold off on the second until you can sample it first."

Vicar Seth said...

I was going to pick up her new album this week. Thanks for your insight. I will post my thoughts at a later date.

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