Sunday, November 06, 2005

I love the Government (Yeah right!!)

Well here is the Greek update...I am alive!!! It's not really that bad. I think I have a pretty good grasp of the Greek verb, for now. I have learned my soon as I think I got it, BAM! something changes and throws the world out of wack. But for now the planets are still spinning and I have my feet firmly planted on the ground. The next few weeks will be interesting as we continue with participles. At least I understand that in English.

In other news...We finally heard back from Social Services regarding our application for adoption. Well as all good government agencies, we were told one thing and we were required to do another. So our application was sent back to us for revisions. We found out that they need proof of residence as well as certification for CPR and First Aid. No big deal, but we were never told that they were necessary. So they sent the forms back to us (at taxpayers expense) certified and registered mail. Now I have to gather a few more things and then I have to send it back to them, at my expense. And we will wait two or three weeks for a reply. Until we get this done we cannot proceed any further. We can not get fingerprinted or sign up for parenting classes. You got to love how the government does business. I wish I could fire them all and start over!!!! (Deep breaths Seth... Count to three... O.K. I feel better). So the saga continues. I guess the children God has in mind for us are not ready yet.

My ankle is much better and I will not have to see the doctor again unless it still is giving me problems in six months. That is good news for sure. I have three more weeks of physical therapy to go and it is going well. I can definitely tell that it is helping. It still is not very fun and I have a tough time getting up to go but thems the breaks. Well thats about it. Have a great week everyone.

Oh.. I just had an idea!! Thanksgiving is almost here and I am always looking for some good recipes. So get your best ones together and lets share. Coming soon... the Thanksgiving post: Its BRINE TIME Baby!!!

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