Monday, November 28, 2005

Curses to you Home Depot!

I thought I was being so cool about 10 days ago when I ordered my Christmas tree from They said it would be here in 5-7 days. That being said it is still not here. I was hoping it would arrive last week when people would be around to sign for it but of course now that no one will be home during the days all week who knows when I will see my tree. By the time I see it, it may just be firewood. So much for that idea. I hope they will just leave it. I tired to call the customer service line but of course they work on east coast hours and by the time I called they were closed. So I stayed home all day waiting for nothing. At least I spent most of the day in my PJs. I hope to have some time in the morning to give them a jingle and a piece of my mind. Be warned this may not be a very merry Christmas if you order your tree online. Just when you thought the internet was making our lives easier. ARRRRRGGGGHHHH!!!

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