Thursday, November 17, 2005

A stroll down memory lane...

So I bought a new computer today. I got the new apple iMac 20 in G5. Now before all you PC apologists start in let me explain. I first saw a Mac in operation in 1985 at a youth function at St. John's Lutheran Church in Orange. I was amazed. This little thing was awesome and I was hooked. Now I started my computing life on a Commodore CBM that had a whopping 8K of memory with a tape drive. That was back in the early 80's. If you are younger than 30 you have no idea what I am talking about. Here is a picture:

I eventually graduated to the Commodore 64. Now I wanted the Commodore 128 but my dad said, and I quote, "Nobody will ever need more than 64K of memory." How wrong he was. That computer was not much more than a game system (think Atari 2600).

And then when I was in high school I learned how to program with the Apple II. This was my first introduction to Apple.

And in 1988 I really started working with the Mac. This was back in the day when DOS was king and my visual brain just couldn't understand all that colon...backslash...whatever stuff. So the Mac was my friend. I have been using them ever since. I have owned a classic (see picture) an LC, LCII, Performa, Powermac, and a few others.

Way back in 2000 (ancient times in the computer world) I got an iBook (think Mac laptop). It was the first version and looked like a clamshell. It was pretty cool and I still use it as a word processor and a place to store my pictures. But I love the Mac. Now I do spend quite a bit of time with PCs too. I have one in my office and I am quite comfortable working within that environment even though Bill gates ripped if off from Apple who ripped it off from Xerox...but I digress.

So I can't wait to set it all up get my iTunes going and surfing the net at home once again. We have not have internet at home for a few years because my old iBook could not handle DSL. Well here is a picture of what my computer looks like:

My next post may be coming to you from my new baby. I feel like its Christmas in November. Feel free to post your own computer memories. I would love to hear them. Talk to you soon.

Next post: Thanksgiving recipes.

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